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If you want to change your style or just keep your hair cut up to date here is the best place you’re looking for.



Whether it is natural, relaxed, or braided. The key to healthy, beautiful hair is moisture and gentle treatment. 



There are many benefits to having a professional stylist.  J. Nicole is professionally trained for all types of hair. 

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We value our clients and know exactly what will suit you more and how to implement your most creative ideas into reality to enhance your natural looks and make you look gorgeous whenever you go! Trust us to make you look special!



With over 20 years of excellent service, J. Nicole’s motto is & continues to be that “When you look good, you feel good”. She is a salon owner and an exceptional hairstylist who stays current with hair & life trends.

Healthy hair is definitely a priority to her, being passionate about her work, being an attentive listener and her dedication to the needs of her clients keeps J. Nicole in high demand for her skills. She is passionate, dedicated and true. And her trueness to herself continues to overflow into her customer base. Licensed cosmetologist  in Maryland, Georgia and North Carolina.

Your stylist will improve the health, body and response of your hair over time

It takes time to observe how certain cutting methods and coloring techniques work for your hair

Interacting with you over time gives a stylist insight into your personal and professional styling needs

Having an established professional caring for your hair allows trust and a relaxing hair salon experience

Enjoy the atmosphere. Feel the benefits when you take part in the socialization.

Part of the relaxation of getting your hair done is leaving the salon with a feeling of total relaxation and renewal.

There are many benefits of loyalty to good hair stylists with talent and care hair.

An informed stylist provides the best professional services. Your stylist should be inquisitive about your preferences and about your hair

Build A Positive Relationship With J. Nicole

Are you still looking for a hairstylist that you can trust? Do you move from one hair salon to the next looking for a stylist that will give you the results you see your friend or co-worker gets from their hair salons? Perhaps you need to take a look at how the hairstylist your friend has is able to produce such desirable results. It’s actually more than the differences in hair thickness, body, and hair care that improves a style. Hairstylist’s become more familiar with the way your hair responds over time. After several visits with a specific client, a stylist can predict what results they can get using one product over another and the best cutting method to help your hair type hold a style.  The more a stylist works with your hair, the better understanding they have of what works and what doesn’t work.  Talking to you about your hair helps a stylist gather information about what your preferences are and how to make a difference in the way your hair behaves.  Stop jumping from salon to salon and find a professional stylist that you can work with over time.



Here at J. Nicole Hair Studio we offer the following services:

Designer Haircuts, Relaxers, Ceramic Phusion for Natural Hair, Hair Coloring, Treatments, and Waxing

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We are always willing to make our customers happy and are ready to support your most bold and creative ideas in haircuts and hair coloring! Feel free to express yourself through your looks!

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Nicole has been my stylist for over a year now. Her technique to styling is something that gets rave reviews from my friends, family and colleagues. Not only does she style my hair she makes sure that it's healthy and treated properly. Thank you Nicole for your professionalism and most of all making me feel and look great!

Keri – Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Stylist is the ish! I have gotten so many compliments on my hair I started feeling myself lol...thanks again!

Elise – Friday, July, 27, 2018

You won't find better than this place, J.Nicole knows Hair! She knows what will work and what won't and did her thing on mine!

Sheila – Saturday, October, 14, 2017

Nothing was too much trouble and all was expertly done. An added bonus was that she was just lovely, and helped make me feel confident!

Jennifer – Friday, October, 13, 2017

I was blown away with the results. The haircut was amazing!

Brittany – Saturday, October, 14, 2017


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